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  • [ Ergonomic Grip ] ⭐ MOD fitting the Valve INDEX Virtual Reality Controller
  • [ More Comfort ] ⭐ For Your Medium To Large Hands
  • [ Finger Guide ] ⭐ Precision Feeling
  • [ Thumb Rest ] ⭐ Natural Secure Shooting position
  • [ Sweat Protection ] ⭐ Clean & Soft Silicone Elastomer Protects controller
  • IMPORTANT: Recalibrate Controller for First Time use
  • fits Larger Hands

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or KNUCKLES DUSTER® Light – Amazon Store United States

Experience the exclusive design of the KNUCKLES DUSTER™ TWO, featuring sculpted surfaces and refined geometry for enhanced comfort during gameplay and simulations.

  • Ergonomic fit
  • Hygienic & Easy clean
  • Bottom strap guide
  • Finger guide & Anti bunch-up
  • Thumb rest & Grip force multiplier
  • New Zealand & Independent
  • German Automotive Engineering & Design

Maximum comfort for medium & large Hands

Best Comfort with a hand length of more than 19.3 cm and 8.9 cm breadth.


  1. Putting the Grips on when controllers are Turned Off.
  2. Drum fingers: When it powers up, hold it with 3rd(middle), 4th(ring) and 5th(pinky) finger and let go of the 2nd(index) finger and your thumb (lift them up). Make sure you hold the controller with the 3 fingers tightly. Start your finger drum see video instruction.
  3. Restart the controller and Switch to different Games/Applications repeat a few times until re-calibrated.





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